Random facts about sumo

The keshou-mawashi (化粧回し-ceremonial aprons) are given to wrestlers by their fan clubs

In the early days of sumo, “after each match the winner’s preferred…dance and music was performed”(Marshall Arts and Sports in Japan pg 23).Sounds like showbiz-style boxing or wrestling!

Sumo was always performed outdoors until the first Kokugikan was built in Ryogoku, Tokyo in 1909

When the Meiji government ruled that everyone must off their topknots (髷-mage), sumo wrestlers were the only exceptions. They still have it cut off when they retire

Sumo wrestlers are banned from driving cars, for reasons of tradition rather safety concerns due to weight…

The loincloth (まわし-mawashi) is about 7 metres long. Only higher ranking wrestlers are allowed silk ones -kinky! As well as being something to grab onto, it is supposed to provide some protection to the vital organs

No women are allowed in the dohyo. No exception was made for a female government minister who wanted to present the tournament prizes. A woman tried to step into the ring during a tournamdnt in 2007, but was stopped


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    March 22, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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