Japanese TV explained

Why do so many Japanese comedians come from Osaka?

A good bunch of them actually belong to one agency

Why do TV programmes start at :58 rather than on the hour?

To try and use those two minutes to get the viewer hooked so they don’t change channels like they were planning to, or to get someone who is flicking through at 10:58 and will flick straight past channels that have programmes that are finishing.
Why are CM breaks within TV programmes rather than between?

So people don’t change channels between programmes.

Why does Japanese TV flash up what people are saying on the screen all the time?

In a serious programme it is sometimes partly because precisely what someone says is easier to understand if you can see the kanji (Chinese characters), due to the large number of homophones in Japanese. Mostly, though, it’s just someone in the production department trying to gambatte (do their best) by adding more things than anyone else- and TV company research suggests this is necessary in a country where people learn to blank out the sensory overload of Tokyo from an early age.

Why are samurai epic period dramas (taiga drama or jidaigeki) so popular in Japan?

It could be because Japan is so damn peaceful that people almost look back nostalgically to a time when people got their armies out to resolve conflict- nostalgia for times even before you were born being an even bigger thing in Japan than other countries. It also seems to match the typical Japanese male either-silent-or-shouting acting style. And there are obviously issues on having war time dramas based during more recent wars.

Why do TV quiz shows have celebrities (talento) competing and winning prizes instead of ordinary punters?

Coming up soon…

Why are the villians in the Japanese TV programme Trick almost always cult/religious leaders? Don’t religious groups protest?

Japanese TV

Why do jidaigeki characters and certain present day Japanese males bark out their words in such a ridiculously gruff way?
Pussy whipped at home and so unsure of their masculinity??

Why do I have to turn down the TV every time the adverts come on?

The TV companies deliberately make them louder so you can’t ignore them

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  1. Tomos Burton said,

    November 7, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Slightly informative! I’ve learnt something, I think! I’ve always been fascinated with TV. If you manage to get on TV, I don’t care if it’s just walking past on local news, it means a hell of a lot more than just filming yourself and putting it on YouTube. TV is at least proper and there’s at least some filter whereas people can put any old bollocks on the internet. I’m very interested in the bits between the programmes, particularly Sentai and Kamen Rider.

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