Why the obsession with stopping smoking in the street? 2nd attempt

In my previous attempt I went on about the fact that you can still smoke next to a rope that divides the smoking and non smoking sections, but you can’t smoke in some whole areas places in the open air, then tried to explain it with reference to the Japanese concept of meiwaku (causing annoyance or inconvenience to others). As is often the case, it later occurred to me that the main reason might be a lot less deep and a lot more random. In this case, I am wondering whether it is just a case of local governments (e.g. Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo) being able to control who smokes on their streets but having to rely on another level of government to decide if, how and where you can smoke inside. Anyone happen to know?

My Japlish dictionary

Not particularly fond of the expression “Japlish”, as unlike Spanglish or Konglish it just happens to have a racist epithet as part of it, but “Japanese English” is a bit long winded and “Wasei Eigo” isn’t understood even by some Japanese… Whatever you call it, am a big fan of Made In Japan “English” expressions and have started an A to Z of it on my English teaching blog, and here it is:

An A to Z of Japanese English Part One