The What the Japanese really mean Quiz

Japanese- hara o tateru (腹を立てる)
Literal translation- make your belly stand up
Guess the meaning:
a) To get sculpted stomach muscles
b)to be full/stuffed
c)to get angry

Meaning- b) 

Japanese-hara o watte(腹を割って)
Literal translation- cut your belly open
Guess the meaning-
a) Feel suicidal
b)speak frankly
c) puke endlessly
d) have an awful stomach ache
e) an extreme fart

Meaning- b)

 Japanese- hara o yomu (腹を読む)
Literal translation- read someone’s belly
Guess the meaning-
a) hear someone’s stomach rumbling
b) a type of fortune telling
c) spotting someone is hungry
d) reading someone’s mind
e) spotting the shape of someone’s belly under their clothes
f) reading lying face down on your stomach
g) a sonogram

Japanese- harachigai (腹違い)
Literal translation- A different belly
Guess the meaning-
a) half sibling with a different mother (and therefore a different belly)
b) change your mind
c) to misjudge someone’s feelings


1 Comment

  1. Rebecca said,

    June 11, 2012 at 5:55 am

    Number 1 is wrong, the answer is C to get angry.

    The answer to number 3 is not written, it’s D to read someone’s mind.

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