Japanese cars, roads and motor industry explained

Why would Nissan name a car “Fair Lady”?
“Fair Lady had been so decreed because [Nissan president] Kawamata had once seen and apparently liked the musical My Fair Lady” The Reckoning pg 442
Why were Minis more popular than VW Beetles in Japan?

Why do the Japanese call Mercedes cars ベンツ (Bentsu- Benz)?
Why do the Japanese not sell their boxiest cars abroad?
How could anyone think “Cedric” is a good name for a car?
Why do only yakuzaand surfers drive American cars?
Why did they call the first Nissans “Datsun”?
“There were those who worked for Nissan in America who believed that Tokyo, realizing how bad its car was, had declined to put the company’s name on it, calling it not the Nissan but the Datsun, so that if the car failed there would be less loss of face” The Reckoning pg 431
Why did Japanese car companies concentrate on the American market?
Why are the Japanese car companies behind VW and GM in the Chinese market?

Why do motorists only slow down, not stop, at a zebra crossing (especially one without lights)?

As a pedestrian, you are also meant to do your bit by trotting a little across. They build this increase in your speed into their calculations even before you start doing it, so might unintentionally shave it a little close if you continue dawdling.

Why did Datsun change its name to Nissan?

If the Japanese are so safety obsessed, why don’t they drive brightly coloured cars?

They don’t want to stand out. Also, the dangers of motoring and (even more) cycling doesn’t get a lot of focus in Japan. Perhaps because of the hysterical press, crime seems to get more attention

Why was Toyota’s Lexus brand not sold in Japan until recently?

No idea. The fact that it was a huge hit when they did so either means they timed ht perfectly or that they should have done it much earlier.Maybe they were worried that if the smaller Lexuseses that were sold as Toyotas in Japan were no longer so it would take some shine off the Toyota name

Why are some Japanese cars (often ones not sold in Europe or America) so boxy?

Very short and narrow parking spaces??

Why is Japanese car quality so good?

The Japanese are still embarrassed by the early bad image and are good at concentrating on the obsession of the moment. I predict this will soon be lost when Toyota concentrates on becoming biggest

Why do the Japanese pronounce the car maker Jaguar /jagaa/? 

Using the Japanese pronunciation of the big cat’s name??

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