Japanese charities and NGOs explained

Why has Big Issue not really taken off, despite the number of homeless people?

No coverage by the TV companies, all of whom have big publishing arms?? Homeless people too embarrased to appear in public?? People being too embarrassed to be seen giving money?? People being suspicious of people asking for money in the street?? A desire to ignore the homeless problem because they don’t want to think about it because it could happen to them too due to the lack of government welfare protection??

My favourite theory is they just don’t notice the guy standing there due to the sensory overload of the average Japanese city. 

Why are the Japanese so reluctant to give money to people collecting for charities in the street?

There is a belief that most of them are actually collecting for cults. This may also be why some organisations use ranks of kids with in uniforms on official days to make damn sure you know it’s the real deal.

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