Japanese hairstyles and haircare explained

Why did Japanese women always wear their hair up?

The story is that the men found the nape of the neck sexy, but not convinced with that one. It could have been to set themselves apart from the men, who also had long hair but in a different style.

Why do some Japanese school boys have shaved heads?

It usually means they are part of a sports club, often baseball or marshall arts

Why are there so many haircare products for men?

It could be because other parts of a schoolkid’s or businessman’s appearance is so standardized that it is the only part they feel they can express themselves in. There is also the factor that looking older than your age with grey hair etc. in a seniority based system can make it look like you have been passed over for promotion.

Why did the samurai topknot hairstyle disappear?

Apparently the first impetus to cut off the topknot (just the same as the start of wearing Western clothes and eating Western food) came from the Meiji period conscription army that replaced the samurai class. As the topknot would not fit under western-style military hats and helmets it had to be cut off. This was spread slowly to the rest of the country by a government campaign to get rid of all traditions (also spitting, mixed bathing etc) that could make foreigners think the Japanese were “uncivilised” and so extend the amount of time the Japanese had to suffer under the indignity of the same “unequal treaties” on trade that the Japanese had forced on the Koreans.

Why did the samurai have their strange haircuts?

Originally it was supposed to make wearing a helmet more secure and comfortable, but once people of lower classes were banned from having their hair oiled up samurai-style it became mainly a status symbol.

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