Japanese tourism explained

Why are the Japanese so fond of tours?

One factor is lack of holiday time and wanting to see as many of the famous sites in that time as possible- especially as their family and colleagues will not hide their disgust if they hear they spent the money to go all the way to France and didn’t even see World Heritage sites like Mont San Michel. Another is fear of foreign countries due to lack of language, not being as safe as Japan etc. The biggest factor, though, is to do with social interactions. Japanese people have to spend a lot of time and effort making sure they react to the right people in the right way in their daily lives, and they don’t want that problem but worse dealing with rude waiters in a foreign language when they are trying to relax.

It is also worth remembering that people of every country tend to have exactly the same holidays as their friends, family and neighbours. In Spain, whole Madrid suburbs go to the same resorts in August- according to rumour; even the beggars follow them to Valencia! See this for more of the same.

Why do some minshuku and ryokan have room names instead of room numbers?

It’s to make it easier to remember, especially important if people don’t lock their doors or carry their keys around

Why would an Asian tourist want to come to Japan on holiday?

Why are the Japanese so obsessed with the Cotswolds and Mont Saint Michel?

Why would a Japanese woman who can hardly swim and who specifically wants to avoid her skin turning brown take a beach holiday?

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