Why are most Japanese guys not particularly interested in building up their muscles?

There isn’t a particularly positive image of built up guys. Rather than be impressed, people are likely to be intimidated. This is somewhat true with the opposite sex, but even more so in business- very unacceptable in Japan where the privelidge of intimidating people is strictly based on seniority!

 There may also be a social class thing going on. In a similar way to what is happening with suntans, the Japanese are at the transition point between burly meaning a manual worker (therefore poor) and burly meaning plenty of time and money for a gym and nutrition drinks (therefore rich)


The big list of my Japanese faux pas

Giving the impression I thought the UK was safer than Japan
I think I mentioned no earthquakes, tsunami or bears, and therefore squashed the great national myth about Safe Japan Read the rest of this entry »

Why is there a snob appeal to shops named Yokohama something and Motomachi something when most of Yokohama is scummy and even Motomachi is nothing special?

Because Yokohama was the main foreign settlement in Japan it was also the centre of Westernisation and the so the place to go for French pastries, suits etc