Why do Japanese secondhand media shops have overpriced DVDs that no one ever buys?

A lot of the tacky ones on main streets that I’m speaking about seem to basically be porn shops, so I’m guessing they need a certain amount of non-sex-related product to not be classified as sex shops, because if that happened they’d have to conform to more legal constrictions (as in most countries).


Why do the police not stop guys from hostess bars hassling women?

Apparently, it’s legal if they do it right outside the club.

Info from a fascinating post on an Eikaiwa class with a yakuza boss, on the very interesting-looking Japan Subculture Research Centre

Japanese naughty word of the day

Japanese-mimizu senbiki (蚯蚓千匹)
Literal translation- One thousand worms
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Witty Japanese slang of the day

Japanese- Warame-chan
Literal meaning- Little Miss Crack
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