Why are the Japanese still obsessed with Beaujolais Nouveau?

There is a tradition of seasonal drinks and marketing. The light taste also suits the palate of Japanese who are not used to red wine and the Japanese habit of/ recent trend for cooling red wine. Because of these elements and a continuing belief that good quality wine must be French, the producers turn their full marketing power on the Japanese market and reinforce the trend.


How have small shops managed to survive in Japan?

Just like in Italy, small business owners are, due to their number, organisation and support of the ruling party for most of the last 50 years, a politically influential group that is well protected by its politician friends. If I’m right about this one, the same must be true in France- any France experts want to support me or put me right? Not sure if the profusion of small shops in Japan that give the place atmosphere and a personal touch but keep prices high is an argument for or against free markets- maybe an argument for a happy medium between Italy and the UK?? Actually, who could argue against anywhere that was a happy medium between Italy and the UK in almost anything??

Why is tachiyomi (reading standing up in a bookshop or convenience store) such a big thing in Japan?

According to the this week’s From Our Own Correspondent (BBC Radio) it’s also big in France, where the other similarity is the popularity of comics-something you can easily finish in one visit. Once people get into the habit of doing it with comics, I guess it just spreads. Why the shops allow it, however, is still a mystery…