Why is it so difficult to access normal websites even on the (Yahoo etc) mobile phones that are supposed to be equipped for it?

According to Saying Yes to Japan, it’s because the phone companies are trying to guide you towards sites you have to pay for

Why have the Japanese not expanded their worldwide strength in technology into software?

A lack of people leaving the big companies to set up start ups, banks being unwilling to lend to companies with few physical assets, office software being based on rationalisation and restructuring that Japanese companies are behid the Americans in, and the big Japanese companies making software that only worked without their own systems until recently. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the usual cliche of lack of Japanese creativity…

(Based on a few ideas in the excellent book Saying Yes to Japan)

Scary Japanese stat Quote of the Day

“In spite of [the] dramatic drop in value, real estate prices in Japan remain among the world’s highest and must fall to 1975 levels before they will represent fair values, according to some analysts” Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese hospitals Stat of the Day

Why do Japanese so rarely ask for second opinions from doctors?

“most doctors… refuse to offer second opinions, looking to avoid conflict… with the colleague who made the original diagnosis” Read the rest of this entry »