Why do many Japanese women walk pigeon toed?

Without specifically mentioning Japanese women, the December 2014 edition of the freebie Tokyo Families warns parents that pigeon toed feet could be a consequence of “W sitting” (similar to kneeling seiza, but with the bottom on the ground and legs down the sides of the body). This is a more likely explanation than seiza kneeling position, given how seiza has become less common but pigeon toed walking seems less common among older generations. Not sure that W sitting is a major factor though, given that you see young boys sitting that way and you rarely see pigeon toed men. It could be that W walking combined with a lack of other muscular development is the reason that explains both generational and gender differences, but I still think it’s mainly a cultural thing and if people disapproved of women walking that way it would soon decrease.



  1. Linda Sheidler said,

    September 11, 2016 at 6:36 am

    The girls are taught to walk pigeon toed, on purpose, females are taught to keep their legs together at the knees, it was a way to be sure their ankles would not show and if this was accomplished they would not ever allow their kimono fall opened. It has been long time cultural taboo for a female to show leg or other parts of the body. try clamping you knees together and walking see what happens to your toes

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