Why does Kunitachi city have the kanji of ‘kokuritsu’ (national)?

I’ve spent years passing and then working in this place in the west of Tokyo on the Chuo line, fairly often wondering “National what?” and “Why just the adjective?” I even walked the length of the quite impressive avenue that leads from the station to see if it leads to anything of national importance, but it just fades away.

Turns out the name is simply a combination of the first kanji of Kokubunji (国 from 国分寺) and Tachikawa (立 from 立川) because it was a new town  halfway between those two places, and it being the same kanji as national (国立) is just coincidence.

Thanks to the kanji column in Japan Times for this one.


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  1. brisbanerugbycom said,

    May 2, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Brilliant research!!!

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