Why is it okay for women to obsess over cross dressing female Takarazuka actors?

Japan hardly being famous for open expression of homosexual love.

“girls and women are given both implicit permission and active encouragement to love other women – specifically, the male-role players – under the pretext that this affection is not (homo-)sexual in nature, because the object of their love is ‘male’, and therefore does not compromise the subjects’ ‘normal’ sexuality. On the other hand, the very fact that Takarazuka otokoyaku are not biological males means that they are apparently not usually perceived by the husbands of married fans as rivals, nor by the parents of single fans as a threat to the marriageability of their daughters.” Gender Gymnastics pg7

That still leaves a big “Why?” unanswered to me…

See the last couple of posts for more from this book on this fascinating phenomenon.


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