Why is Sarsons malt vinegar so widely available in Japan?

I’ve noticed this again while I’ve been searching shops for British Xmas food.

No Japanese person I’ve mentioned it to has even heard of it, but this is available in almost every import food shop and probably more than any other British food bar biscuits, including this week the import food section of Aeon supermarket, not somewhere with a large expat customer base. I only use it with fish and chips, and I don’t know anyone who cooks fish and chips at home. What is it doing there??

If you are also looking for British food, may I recommend my other blog Tips for Brits in Tokyo?


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  1. alexcase said,

    May 26, 2014 at 5:11 am

    A partial explanation perhaps – Japanese vinegar maker Mizkan bought the brand in 2012. Howver, they also bought Branston Sweet Pickle and Hayward’s pickled onions at the same time, and no sign of those in Japan, so I guess people really must use malt vinegar for something.

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