Why the random selection of British foods in Japan?

Like the selection in international shops generally, it doesn’t seem to be stuff the average Japanese person wants to buy and it’s not generally stuff I want to buy either… I finally worked out a pattern, however. Most of the stuff is British food that is sold in the US, and in fact is often imported from there to Japan, for some reason. For  example:

Newcastle Brown Ale

Fullers ESP


Some apparently British brown sauce that I’d never heard off and turns out to have been bought up by Kraft foods, rather than the Daddies Sauce that you normally see at home

Sure there must be others, and does anyone know if that explains the strange occurance of Sarson’s Malt Vinegar in just about every import shop?

Should that selection match your demands more than mine, here’s a whole blog of mine on the topic:

Tips for Brits in Tokyo

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