Why aren’t the Taiwanese more bitter about Japanese colonialism?

Compared to the mainland Chinese and Koreans, but also to some South-East Asian countries who were only occupied for a few years.

I’d long thought it was because most Taiwanese came across the channel during the defeat of the Nationalists by the Communists in mainland China, and so they hadn’t had that experience of 40 years of Japanese colonialism, but the biography of Madame Chiang Kai-Shek that I’m reading at the moment says the population was about 6 million before the 2 million nationalist refugees turned up.

I guess one thing is that the Nationalist politicians didn’t need to play the anti-Japanese card to prop up their regime, what with having the boogie man of the Communists. It also seems that the Taiwanese weren’t treated as badly as the Koreans in some ways, although things like forced attendance at Shinto shrines and use of the Japanese language happened in both places. Perhaps more importantly, the Taiwanese apparently had terrible problems with the mainland Chinese when the Japanese were defeated, including massacres during protests aiming at independence from China, that might even have made them nostalgic for the Japanese occupation.

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