Why do so many Japanese have skin complaints? 3rd attempt

Dioxins from buring plastic bento boxes, according to an article in the latest Japanzine:

“Breathing the air in Japan is almost as dangerous as not breathing at all.  It has dioxin levels ten times higher than that found in other countries. Japan’s fish are said to contain 10,000 to 100,000 times the one picogram per liter that Japan’s environmental agency says is safe. The primary culprit is the burning of plastic such as bento boxes and other garbage that contains chlorine or chlorine-based chemicals in incinerators.  Dioxins are a cause of cancer, birth defects, low-sperm counts, skin disorders, and diabetes, just to name a few.”

Hmmm, I doubt that dioxins are any fewer in China or here in Korea, and they don’t have nearly as many problems with skin problems. I still think it is mainly mental as in my students in Japan it tended to go together with shyness, twitchyness and ambitious parents (though there are notable exceptions)

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