Why do Japanese wives love complaining about their men? 2nd attempt

This is very noticeable, or even shocking, when you teach Japanese housewives particularly if you expect them to avoid personal topics completely. It is even more common is group classes with other housewives, so it is not (just?) social norms being broken becauseĀ a gaijin is in the room. In my first attempt, I therefore came up with complex arguments based on modesty and such-like. Might be, however, that they simply do have more to complain about:

“One survey that asked married men and women in thirty-seven countries about their views on politics, sex, religion and other issues found that Japanese couples ranked dead last in compatibility, by a huge margin. Another survey revealed that if they were doing it over again, only one third of Japanese would marry the same person”

Thunder from the East page 176

The next question is then, of course, why they are so incompatible…