Japlish ekisupaato

I kind of am a waseieigo expert, though I say so myself. Actually, maybe otaku is a more suitable word for my obsession, and as to the rest of the Japanese language, that’s another matter…

Anyhoo, you can digest most of my hundreds of hours of collecting Japanese English in just a few minutes by reading one or two of my recent articles etc on the matter:

How Japanese English Works (an overview)

Made in Japan English words and expressions

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Pronunciation changes in Japanese English

There’s also my A to Z, linked to from one of the posts below and now finally up to Z


Why are mixed race kids so loud?

It’s something I’d noticed long before I ever thought of having one myself, when if there was a noisy kid on a train it was either gaijin (usually white), mixed race, or son of a forty something Japanese first time mother. What was even more striking was that my daughter was by far the loudest crier in the hospital in Tokyo from the moment she was born, and now can bring nurses running in a panic from her ear shattering cries when she has a jab. She actually has two rather loud parents, but as I said I think it’s a bit more general than that.

Anyone else noticed it? Any theories?