Why are the police cracking down on the yakuza?

“Because …the ruling faction of the Yamaguchi-gumi, has broken the unwritten rules. They have harassed police officers, photographed their family members—they have challenged the police. They don’t take that well. And by parading their presence at the Nagoya sumo tournament last year, they basically spat in the face of the police as well. As if to say, “we even have claim to Japan’s national sport. We’re VIPS wherever we go. You can’t touch us.” It also doesn’t help that the acting head of the Kodokai, Takayama, is rumored to be of North Korean ancestry.”

From Q and A with Jake Adelstein, Author of The Last Yakuza on the World Policy Institute website.

Hattip to Japan Subculture Research Centre, also source of my last post on things yakuzary.