Why is Bulgarian yoghurt so famous in Japan?

One of my students was guessing that Meiji Foods or another Japanese manufacturer picked the name for one of their yoghurts from a random encyclopedia entry and everyone else just copied it. I’m sure real Bulgarian yoghurt is great, it being in the right part of the world, but in the UK the yoghurt from neighbouring Greece and Turkey are much more famous.
This is a question I’ve long wondered about, but has come up again after the inevitable “now yoghurt isn’t the most famous thing from Bulgaria” comment in today’s Japan Times after the victory of Kotooshu in the sumo


Why are there comparatively few skyscrapers in Tokyo, despite the high land prices?

Earthquakes and soft ground, small plots of land with individual owners, tax laws that make people reluctant to sell, big Japanese companies tending to have their own buildings, and strict laws about blocking light