Why have the Japanese not expanded their worldwide strength in technology into software?

A lack of people leaving the big companies to set up start ups, banks being unwilling to lend to companies with few physical assets, office software being based on rationalisation and restructuring that Japanese companies are behid the Americans in, and the big Japanese companies making software that only worked without their own systems until recently. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the usual cliche of lack of Japanese creativity…

(Based on a few ideas in the excellent book Saying Yes to Japan)


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  1. July 28, 2008 at 5:46 am

    Anyone interested in this topic should read ‘In Praise of Hard Industries’ by Eammon Fingleton. Basically his thesis is that many Japanese companies are technologically ahead. My take is ‘Yes, but their Ip strategy and implementation is so poor, they are not lebveraging the lead’

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