What the Japanese really mean today

As usual with my “What the Japanese really mean?” posts, the idea is that you read the Japanese and literal translation and then try to guess what they mean in English before scrolling down the page to check. Have fun (I did)!


Japanese- Wanpatan
Literal translation- Japanese pronunciation of the words “one pattern”



– boring 


Japanese- Madamu kiraa
Literal translation- Japanese translation of the English words “madam killer”





– Lady killer 

Japanese- Shouben (小便)
Literal translation- Little convenience
Real meaning




– Pee/piss


These ones are actually quite used (unlike most of the What the Japanese Really Mean page, which is more for a laugh and to learn the individual words and kanji that make up the expressions) so I knew these already, but thanks to Street Slang by Peter Constantine for reminding me of them anyway.

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