What the Japanese really mean New Additions

Japanese- Iro otoko (色男)
Literal translation- Colour man
Real translation– A ladies’ man

Japanese- bangohan (晩御飯)
Literal translation- Evening honorable rice
Real meaning

– Dinner 

Japanese- Murasaki
Literal translation- Purple
Alternative translation

– Sushi restaurant slang for soy sauce

Japanese- Gyagu (ギャグ)
Literal translation- A gag
Real translation

– A pun

Japanese- Kakkou ii (格好いい)
Literal meaning- Good form
Real meaning

– Cool!

Japanese- Atama ni kuru (頭に来る)
Literal translation- Come to (my) head
Real translation

– Pisses me off

All the above according to Dirty Japanese by Matt Fargo. About half I hadn’t heard before, so I can’t vouch for their accuracy or how commonly used they are. See What the Japanese Really Mean for more, and QuoteJapan Matt Fargo page for quotes from the book.


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