Why are gaijin losers done good so annoying?

Even if you haven’t written a whole article about why foreigners who are sadsters at home but pass as normal in their Nova classes will soon see their comeuppance and should just learn their place, if you have never felt a flicker of annoyance at the guy who was a trainspotter at home but now has the stunning Russian/Chinese/Ukrainian/Brazilian/Japanese/Venezuelan girls queuing up to sleep with him when he DJs, then you are not a male and/or are some kind of saint.

For the rest of us, feelings at seeing such a lowlife done good that range from fleeting irritation to entire evenings of rage might not be commendable, but they are certainly understandable. Here are two reasons why we feel that way:

1) Feelings that he should stay in his place.

Although we might be progressive enough to have battled to lose distinctions of status by gender, class, race, etc, humans are just born to rank athletes, presidential candidates and their neighbours’ wardrobe (meaning fashion sense, but maybe furniture too I guess.,.), so we can’t help still putting people in a coolness/dating desirability/whatever hierarchy. Knowing where other people rank helps us know who we are and if we are making some kind of progress up the ladder. If everyone else moves around,though, there is no ladder- hence the desire that a geek stay a geek and so keep things simple. For some reason men are more likely to create and feel social pressure against social climbing

2) If he’s doing that, we should be doing more.

Because it is impossible to rank how well we are doing without comparing ourselves to someone else, if a loser has managed to sort his life out completely by coming to the country you are in, it makes you think you should have managed even more. This is annoying even if you thought you were doing okay until that thought flittered across your mind, but can be devastating if you were already having doubts.


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